How often does an item need to be calibrated?
We recommend you get an item calibrated every 12 months

How long does warranty last?
calibration certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of calibration

How long does it take to get a job back after it has been calibrated?
We offer a 2 day or 5 day turn round for the majority of calibration. Please contact Steven Emberley for specific requirements

What is the biggest size transducer you can calibrate?
We can calibrate upto 28kNM in house, with calibrations upto 165Knm, (to be checked) being carried out at external facilities.

What is the smallest size transducer you can calibrate?
The smallest rated torque transducer we can calibrate is 0.1Nm. (to be comfirmed)

What is the largest Torque transducer you can manufacture, both physically and capacity?
The standard transducer ranges available are rated from 0.1Nm -20kNm. In addition, we have designed and supplied torque measurements systems rated up to 10MNm, supplied into steel mills.

Will you service other manufacturers torque equipment?
Yes, please contact us for further information

Who do I need to contact if I a have a technical problem?
Sales = David Kelly:- sales@indmeas.co.uk
Production/Site work = Andrew George, e-mail:-
Calibration/service = Steven Emberley, e-mail:-

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