Marine & Shipping

Marine & Shipping

Ship operators have realised that with the increasing demand for close monitoring of a ship’s performance and running costs, accurate and reliable measurement of Torque/Power at the propeller shaft has become an important requirement.

Torque measurement is used as an engineering tool to measure power, vibration levels and balance engine outputs.

Industrial Measurements offers a range of Torque products to the Marine Industry including our Torque Meters which can be found on numerous sizes of vessels from lifeboats to tankers, including the occasional 100-foot luxury cruiser.
Products we supply into this industry includes;

  • Clamp-on Rotary Torque Systems (e.g. MT)
  • Non-contacting Rotary Torque Systems (e.g. TF) – ATEX and Standard versions
  • Static Torque Systems (e.g. TSS, TSSF, TSFF, TSSM,TSSS)
  • Deck Torque Calibrators (e.g. TDC)
  • Bespoke Torque Systems and Transducers

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