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One of the most important industries in the ever-growing world revolves around power generation. Whether in coal and gas powered plants or renewable energy sites, Industrial Measurements has a role to play in helping the industry to measure and manage the efficiency of their plants and the power generating process.
Over the years we have provided a host of solutions, predominantly supplying standard Torque Transducers for many applications such as for boiler feed pumps and ancillary drives.
One of our stand out specialist installations was a complete Torque management system for a wind turbine located in Canada, consisting of the supply and installation of both standard and bespoke Torque Transducers. Other applications we have experience of include boiler feed pump drives with a Torque-measuring coupling, specialist Torque Transducer with a mechanical overload protection for a swarf retrieval winch in a nuclear power station and much more.
Products we supply into this industry include;

  • Non-contacting Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.TF,TFC/TFD)
  • Clamp-on Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.SCO)
  • Bespoke Torque Systems and Transducers

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