SCO Product Overview

This style of Transducer is designed for the Automotive Industry and other applications where battery changing is undesirable and radial shaft movement prevents the use of a ‘static’ coil around the shaft for a permanently powered data transmission system.

Our new higher-speed SCO system is designed to fit any shaft diameter from 100 to 250mm, and is rated to 65°C with a 100°C option. The SCO can be fitted on site or within our workshop for a traceable calibration. The system is supplied as standard with a desk mounted signal-conditioning unit for Torque. Alternate packages are available to suit customer’s requirements.

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Key Features

Combined inaccuracy for on-site fitted systems
Output signal at zero torque
Nominal output at -FS torque
±0.05% FS
Operating temp. range
0 to +65°C
Zero shift
<±0.01% FS/°C
Nominal output at +FS torque
±0.2% FS (uni-directional)
±0.1% FS
Overload capacity
As parent shaft
Optional temp range
-10 to +100°C
Span shift