TF Product Overview

The TF was the first spacer coupling that IML instrumented in the 1980’s. The standard TFC and TFD ranges were developed from this transmission coupling based system.

The TF label has been retained for specially engineered units based on any proprietary coupling manufacturer’s spacer. Most Torques and speeds can be accommodated, and all the TF couplings are rated to 65°C with a 100°C option. Various signal-conditioning packages are available to suit customer’s requirements. As standard the system is supplied with bench mounted display for Torque only. (Options for adding speed and power are available.)

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Key Features

Calibration level:
Specified on certificate
Output signal at zerotorque:
Overload capacity:
150% FS
Nominal output at +FS torque:
Operating temp. range:
+5 to +65°C
Nominal output at -FS torque:
Optional temp range:
-0 to +100°C
±0.2% FS
Zero shift:
±0.01% FS/°C
±0.05% FS
Span shift :
±0.1% FS