TLQ / TLQA Product Overview

The TLQA Torque Transducers provide accurate and cost-effective ‘in-line’ Torque measurement with a square drive input and output.

The units incorporate silver slip rings and silver-graphite brush-gear for Strain Gauge bridge power and signal transmission. The Transducer has a high accuracy of 0.1% of full scale. Transducer has integral speed/angle measurement. A range of digital readouts and amplifiers are available for these units.

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Key Features

Accuracy class
Sensitivity (1 Nm)
0.5 mV/V
Sensitivity – other ratings
1 mV/V
±0.05% fs
Excitation voltage
2 to 12V
Excitation voltage (angle)
5 Vdc
Bridge resistance
350 ohms
Nominal Temp
-10 to +60°C
Overload Capacity
150% fs
Durability of Brushes
5 x 107.rev
Speed/Angle Measurement
2 x 360° impulse, 90° displaced 5V TTL