TSSM Product Overview

This style of Torque Transducer has been produced for the Offshore Industry for several years and it is now given the TSSM label.

There are a number of different square sizes available at very little extra cost. The Maltese cross flange has replaced the bolts holes for quick assembly into a bucket. A range of readouts and amplifiers are available for these Transducers. The Transducer is also available with gauge coatings suitable for subsea installations.

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Key Features

Nominal Sensitivity
1.5mV/V (1Nm unit is 1.0 mV/V)
±1.0% FS
Overload Capacity
130% fs
Bridge Supply
Bridge Resistance
700 ohms
±0.2% fs
±0.01% FS
±0.2% fs
Operating Temp
0 to +80°C
Compensated Range
20 to +60°C
Storage Temp
-30 to +90°C
Zero Shift
< ±0.01%/C°
Span Shift
< ±0.02%/C