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S Beam Range

The S-Beam series of Load Cells are suitable for use in both tension and compression and are suitable for a variety of applications including low-range monitoring, control, test and measurement applications. The LSE Series is the most common type of S Beam Load Cell that we supply.
The LSE series of moment insensitive single point Load Cells were primarily engineered for use and integration within industrial and laboratory scales, they are however equally suited for use in a wide range of force measurement applications.
The design of the LSE accompanied by the volume manufacturing techniques employed to build this series of Load Cells makes it an ideal solution for applications where low forces are to be measured within a tight budget. Environmental sealing to IP65 gives the series added protection when in use in damp or wet environments, whilst overload stops are easily employed to give added mechanical protection.
The LSE are constructed from anodised aluminium alloy, giving it a low self-weight. The LSE range is provided with sense wires for compensation of voltage drops along the Load Cell cable. For more arduous applications an IP67 version is available.
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