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The Wrenchmate is a robust, simple, user-friendly unit for checking and setting Torque Wrenches. It is designed for a workshop environment and can be fitted to a wall, steel structure or the end of a bench.
It has big easy-to-read LED digits with a clever dual-colour torque display, visible in all light conditions and can be switched between Nm and lb.ft. Three versions are available to measure Torques up to 1100Nm and all have traceable calibration.
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Key Features

– Wrenchmate measures the Torque setting of click-type and dial-type Wrenches.
– Designed for a workshop environment.
– Aluminium alloy housing with powder coat finish.
– Accuracy ±1% reading (±1 digit) over the operating range.
– Range changing from Nm to lb.ft.
– Mode changing from ‘Peak’ (click wrenches) to ‘Track’ (dial indicating wrenches).
– Range in Peak mode is 10% to 100% of full scale.
– Large digit display: Green in Peak mode changes to red when peak is held.
– Peak hold automatically resets after 5 seconds.
– Fully traceable calibration.
– PSU supplied for a safe 12v operation.
– Normal operating temperature 0°C to 40°C.
– Meets EMC regulations.
– Not to be used to test Power Tools.