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Torque measurement and management requirements are spread heavily across the Automotive Industry throughout the manufacture of cars, trains and heavy industrial vehicles such as Earth Movers etc. The Automotive Industry counts for the largest share of our current activity in Industry.
We supply numerous heavy duty Torque solutions to the industry including `motorsport` drive shaft Torque measuring systems, numerous test rigs and test rig Torque Transducers to name but a few. We are also specialists in replacing the centre section of vehicle flywheels with strain-gauged arrangements to measure ‘real’ crankshaft Torque levels as well as diaphragm load and displacement.
Products we supply into this industry includes;

  • Clamp-on Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.TCO,SCO)
  • Non-contacting with bearing Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.TLS/TLSM,TLD/TLDM,PS)
  • Bespoke Torque Systems and Transducers

For more information about the bespoke solutions we supply within the Automotive Industry, why not fill out our‘Contact Us’form or alternatively call us on +44 (0)1455 25 14 88 or

Crane Electronics – Covid-19 Update

We are still working and available as and when you need us. Please be assured that we recognise that we have a responsibility to protect our employees, the community and the wider society. Therefore, we have reduced the numbers of staff working within our facility and a number of employees are now working from home. We still have employees in place within our offices, working within safe measures, who are continuing to ensure production and service can still operate at this time.

Sales, technical support and service are still available from your usual Crane contacts should you need us. However, we hope you understand that our response times may be slightly longer than usual and the solutions we can provide may be limited in certain circumstances. Please continue to contact us via your usual Crane representative or alternatively, you can email us at or We are always reviewing our position. Please keep checking the website for further updates.

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