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Industrial Measurements supplies a number of products and services to the Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries, across many applications.
For example, in Subsea applications, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) must perform maintenance tasks, often at depths of several thousand metres. One common task they accomplish is the maintenance of pipeline valves and IM provides the torque measurement equipment for their underwater tooling.
The tool housing is strain-gauged and calibrated to measure torque reaction from the tool head. It is important to check the tooling before it submerges for many hours, so we also provide on-deck torque measurement equipment to cover all bases. Our torque verification units are based on and compliant to BS EN ISO 13628-8.
Products we supply into this industry includes;

  • Clamp-on Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.MT)
  • Non-contacting Rotary Torque Systems (e.g.TF)– ATEX and Standard versions
  • Static Torque Systems (e.g.TSS,TSSF,TSFF,TSSM,TSSS)
  • Deck Torque Calibrators (e.g.TDC)
  • Bespoke Torque Systems and Transducers

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Crane Electronics – Covid-19 Update – 2021

As the UK eases Covid-19 restrictions, Crane Electronics is committed to ensuring we have the correct processes and safety measures in place. We continue to focus on safely delivering the best possible service and reducing any potential risks to our customers, employees and suppliers. Crane Electronics remains open as usual with sales teams available for visits in-person, following all safety guidelines, as well as via virtual meetings, training and demonstrations using Zoom and similar software.

Product Sales, Service, Calibration and Technical Support are all available from your usual Crane locations so please contact our sales teams for any assistance you may require and we will be happy to help. Please contact us via your usual Crane representative or alternatively, you can email us at or

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