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At Industrial Measurements we are proud to offer not only our standard range of Torque products and systems, but that we are also capable of offering a flexible approach to our customers specific requirements. We have over 35 years’ experience of manufacturing bespoke Torque systems to fit our customer’s own requirements or by following their own design.
We know that Industry can be very challenging and each and every factory, facility and machinery is different. This opens new challenges to businesses to be robust and we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers measure and manage their Torque applications, no matter what the challenge or scale.
Many customers are put off by the term ‘bespoke’ believing that custom products and services ultimately mean you pay a premium. We offer a bespoke solution at a fair and reasonable price. This is standard practice for us to ensure our customers get the right product giving accurate and precision performance, at the right price, without compromising high-quality and a reliable product.
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Crane Electronics – Covid-19 Update

In light of the current global situation, Crane Electronics recognises the responsibility we have for the welfare of our staff, partners and the wider community. In light of this we have now made the decision for a number of our employees to work from home. We should stress that we are committed to assisting our customers and suppliers as usual, albeit with a few limitations. We will continue to update the website as the situation develops. Please contact us via your local representative on their mobile, or email us at or for the US, Canada and Mexico.

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