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Established in 1997, Task Engineering Company Ltd has been serving a variety of industries for over thirty years.
In December 2009, Task was acquired by Crane Electronics Ltd, our now parent company based just down the road in Hinckley.
As well as working closely with Crane, Task Engineering Company Ltd has a wide customer base, including those in the mobile phone security industry, classic motor racing industry and the electronics industry.
Together, our enthusiastic and experienced staff work with some of the latest technology to process quality and cost-effective components. Our most recent purchase is Mitutoyo’s Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine which aids with the precision, accuracy, speed and functionality required in the manufacturing industry.
At Task, our precision machinists work with a range of materials, including metals and plastics, adapting our machines to the customer’s needs. The technical expertise and commitment of our staff at Task Engineering Ltd ensures complete customer satisfaction.
For more information about Task Engineering, call +44 (0)1455 233 927.

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